US Military Insider Predicts Attack on US by China If War Breaks Out

US Military Insider Predicts Attack on US by China If War Breaks Out

( – The Secretary of the Army has said, if war breaks out between the US and China, our own homeland would be attacked. The American people have gotten used to war being something that happens far away. That isn’t true anymore.

Talking to the American Enterprise Institute on February 27, Army Secretary Christine Wormuth revealed that the Army believes China would attack US territory in the event of a conflict. Wormuth began her talk by saying she doesn’t believe a Chinese invasion of Taiwan is “imminent” and stressed the best way to avoid one is to deter Beijing by showing them the West will unite against Chinese aggression the same way it’s done against Russia. However, if that invasion does happen and US forces are involved, she said, “The United States homeland would be at risk as well.”

Wormuth said China would carry out attacks to “erode support” for confrontation with China — essentially, bullying the American people into submission. She warned that attacks could be “kinetic,” which is military jargon for the direct use of force, as well as non-kinetic. Non-kinetic tactics could include cyber attacks or PSYOPS; Wormuth named the electric power grid and pipelines as likely targets for cyber attacks.

In addition to China, Wormuth identified another threat to the US — congressional fights that occur while lawmakers argue over a new budget. Federal officials are only allowed to spend money authorized by previous budgets. Wormuth said it’s hard for the Army to keep its weapon systems up to date when “for six months of the year we… can’t have any new starts to programs.”

With China investing heavily in its military and rapidly replacing its obsolete Soviet-era equipment with modern systems, it’s vital that the US maintains a technical edge to counterbalance Beijing’s superior numbers — especially when some of those numbers could be attacking us directly.

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