US Increases Sanctions Against Iran

US Increases Sanctions Against Iran

French President Emmanuel Macron has attempted to bring Iran and the US together in mutual understanding and cooperation. However, Iran has been very aggressive in recent months in response to America pulling out of the Obama-era nuclear deal. The country claims that it won’t cease their hostilities until the US drops economic sanctions imposed on it.

That reality may not happen anytime soon, given that America just increased those sanctions this week. President Trump announced that America will impose sanctions against Chinese companies that purchase oil from Iran. As Secretary of State Mike Pompeo elaborates on this policy, he makes it clear that any country that does business with Iran will face similar consequences.

We’re telling China, and all nations — know that we will sanction every violation of sanctions of all activity.

-Mike Pompeo, Secretary of State

Meanwhile, DNC primary candidate Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) attempts to make a name for herself in the 2020 race by commenting on the issue. She believes that increasing economic pressure against Iran will inevitably result in a war.

The only reason war may break out is if Iran chooses to go too far with their already violent tendencies.

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