US Government To Sell Arms to Saudi Arabia

US Government To Sell Arms to Saudi Arabia

US Government To Sell WEAPONS To THEM!

( – In mid-July, President Joe Biden made his first trip to the Middle East since assuming office to attend a meeting of the Gulf Cooperation Council. Saudi Arabia hosted the Summit, and Biden met with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MbS) for an “extended working session.” The White House quickly released a Fact Sheet detailing the meeting’s results, but MbS may have walked from the discussion with much more than the administration initially revealed.

On Tuesday, August 2, the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) issued a press release announcing the State Department’s decision to approve the potential sale of 300 Patriot Guidance Enhanced Ballistic Missiles to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The statement said the sale would support American “foreign policy goals and national security objectives” by enhancing the “security of a partner country,” operating as a source of “stability [and] economic progress in the Gulf region.”

Biden departed the Saudi Kingdom in July without obtaining a firm commitment from the oil-producing country to boost foreign sales to ease prices at American gas pumps. However, The Epoch Times and Bloomberg quickly pointed out the Biden Administration released details of the arms deal a day before an OPEC meeting to discuss future production levels.

White House National Security Council Communications Director John Kirby fielded questions about the deal during Tuesday’s White House press briefing. He claimed recent events weren’t indicative of “any sort of a quid pro quo” when asked about the relationship between the potential weapons sale and the OPEC meeting.

Do you think the timing of the announcement was a coincidence?

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