US Diplomats Reportedly Stricken With Havana Syndrome

US Diplomats Reportedly Stricken With Havana Syndrome

( – The National Academies of Sciences published a report recently attributing a series of mysterious attacks on US officials to the use of directed microwaves. First observed in Havana, Cuba, in late 2016, officials aptly named the resulting medical ailments from the attacks Havana Syndrome. Sadly, it seems another group of US diplomats recently fell victim to such attacks.

On Thursday, January 13, media outlets reported that officials believe diplomatic mission workers in Paris and Geneva were targeted during the summer of 2021, resulting in symptoms of Havana Syndrome.

Officials familiar with the situation told reporters at least three Americans reported symptoms, and medical workers evacuated an additional person to the United States for medical treatment.

State Department spokesman Ned Price declined to answer questions regarding the attacks, citing privacy and security concerns. However, Secretary of State Antony Blinken confirmed the attacks during a January 13 interview.

Blinken indicated US officials were working around the clock to uncover the source(s) of the assaults, which have afflicted scores of US diplomats, other embassy officials, and family members over the past six years.

Symptoms associated with Havana Syndrome include vertigo, insomnia, pain or ringing in one or both ears, cognitive disturbances, and visual problems.

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