US BOMBERS Being Deployed — On the Move!

US Bomber Planes Are Being Deployed

US Bomber Planes Are Being Deployed

( – Tensions continue to mount in the Indo-Pacific region due to China’s ongoing aggression toward Taiwan. President Joe Biden in May reaffirmed the United State’s willingness to use military force to protect the tiny island nation from Chinese aggression. To that end, the US has conducted joint military exercises with Australia, starting at the direction of former President Barack Obama. New reports indicate the US is now deploying bombers in Australia’s northern territory.

On Monday, October 31, the Australia Broadcasting Corporation’s (ABC) Four Corners show aired a segment revealing the results of its investigation into US plans to build a dedicated “squadron operations facility” and adjoining maintenance facility in the Northern Territory.

According to the broadcast, the US plans to deploy as many as six nuclear-capable Boeing B-52 Stratofortress long-range, subsonic, strategic bombers at Tindal Air Base, about 190 miles south of Darwin, Australia’s Northern Territory capital city.

Senior defense strategist Becca Wasser of the Center for New American Security told Four Corners that having B-52 bombers stationed within striking distance of mainland China serves as a warning to the communist country that any aggressive acts toward Taiwan could provoke a swift response from US/Australian forces.

A subsequent Australia ABC report detailed China’s response to the deployment. Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Zhao Lijian told the network the US had “seriously undermined regional peace and stability,” a move he said could provoke a “regional arms race.” He urged officials to “abandon the old Cold War zero-sum thinking” and do more to “enhance mutual trust.”

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