US Arms Pacific With New Missiles

US Arms Pacific With New Missiles

The USS Gabrielle Giffords, an American warship designed with stealth in mind, is carrying new advanced missiles to an undisclosed location in the Pacific Ocean. While the location of America’s new missiles is being kept secret, it’s a possibility they may be deployed near the South China Sea, where China has been escalating its military presence, to secure commerce routes.

These new missiles, dubbed Naval Strike Missiles, fly close to the water to avoid radar detection. They receive targeting data from an MQ-8B Fire Scout helicopter drone, which is also aboard the warship.

The South China Sea affects trade routes with Taiwan, one of America’s long-standing allies in the region. These Naval Strike Missiles will help to tip the balance of power in the US’ favor. Hopefully, commercial activity in the region will become safer now with an increased American presence.


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