Urgent! New Amazon Scam Gets Your Credit Card Info

Urgent! New Amazon Scam Gets Your Credit Card Info
Urgent! New Amazon Scam Gets Your Credit Card Info

One of the most common methods of scamming involves fake emails that are almost impossible to identify as fake… unless you know what to look for. Amazon deals with millions of customers every day, and those numbers draw in the scammers who want to take a piece of Amazon’s pie. See what to look for and how to avoid any kind of financial fallout because of these scammers.


• The email will ask for clarification, saying they have a problem with the payment method, shipping details, or some other detail only you can correct.
• The subject line will include this text or something very similar “Your order cannot be completed until this information is confirmed. Please confirm the details by clicking the link inside.”
• Once you open the email, there will be slightly more information and a link for you to click. The link takes you to a page that looks like an Amazon page, though the scam isn’t limited to Amazon. It might be a page that looks like it’s from another online seller.
• The page will most likely require you to fill in at least some of your personal information. Don’t be duped if it doesn’t ask for all of this information, because they do try to make it look as realistic as possible. You name, address and of course your credit card information are just some of the things they might require.
• After you enter your information, you’ll be directed to click on another link, which will take you to the actual Amazon site. This doesn’t mean the email was legitimate. It just means they want you to think it was.
• Avoid giving away your personal information by going to Amazon directly, through your browser and not through your email. Once you sign in, you’ll be able to see if Amazon has left you a message or if there are any issues with your orders.
• If you don’t see a message on your Amazon account, go to Orders. Review your list of orders to see if there are any messages on them.