United Methodist Church to Split

United Methodist Church to Split

Gay marriage has been a divisive issue among Christians for many years. While tensions rose surrounding this topic, many sects of Christianity have reconciled these differences one way or another. Few could have predicted how divisive gay marriage would be within the United Methodist Church (UMC), however.

Now, it’s expected that the UMC, the third-largest religious group in America, will split into two denominations in the near future.

The schism comes over the debate on whether or not to allow gay marriage and to allow the appointment of LGBT clergy.

If successful, those in favor of these same-sex acceptable policies will continue normally under the current UMC name, administration, and church buildings.

Those who oppose same-sex marriage and clergy would break off to form a traditionalist version of the UMC. Churches who are considering leaving will hold a vote to determine that community’s direction. While the traditionalist denomination will have to leave behind many assets (including church buildings), they will receive funding for their new endeavors.

The final vote on this decision will be held in May at the UMC’s global conference.

What do you think about this potential division within the United Methodist Church?

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