Unexpected Positive Consequences of COVID-19

Unexpected Positive Consequences of COVID-19

(RightWing.org) – The coronavirus epidemic is a major crisis that threatens to leave thousands dead, devastate the economy and force us all into months of tedious isolation. That’s the bad news. And that’s all we seem to see in the news.

However, there’s good news in the world too. It might be hard to believe, and it doesn’t compensate for all the misery and hardship, but this coronavirus is having some positive effects too.

  • Pollution’s down. NASA satellite photos show that pollution over Wuhan and other Chinese industrial cities is way down. Comparing images with those from the same time last year, massive clouds of pollution have fallen to almost zero. That’s bad news for the Chinese economy, but great for air quality. The same thing is now happening in Italy.
  • People are entertaining each other. Look on Twitter and you’ll find plenty of videos, mostly from Italy and Spain, of musicians giving impromptu performances from their balconies. It seems like any instrument that can be dragged out the door is on display – it started with singers, then came the instruments, as a saxophonist joined in with a pianist to provide live music.

  • Free online events. Musicians are seeing live gigs dry up as people avoid crowds and governments ban public assemblies. Many of them are turning to the internet instead, offering live online performances – and many of these are free. Actors are joining in, reading bedtime stories for kids.
  • Sports stars helping out. With most sporting events canceled, the people who work in the venues are worried about their income. Some top basketball players are paying the wages of arena staff, making sure that when games start again the workers are there to support them.
  • Special online offers. Already watched everything on Netflix? There are other entertainment services online, and some of them are stepping up to offer great deals just when we need more entertainment. For example, BroadwayHD is giving a week’s free membership, sign up and you can watch the latest and greatest shows from Broadway and London’s West End, along with operas and other events.
  • Community is back. It looks like the virus, and the steps the administration is taking to fight it, are bringing people closer together. Modern society can be dislocating, and a lot of people seemed to have forgotten how to help each other. Now they’re remembering.

There’s no need to get cabin fever while you’re on lockdown or quarantined. This crisis is bringing out the best in people and motivating us to look out for each other more. Take a look around, find ways you can help or entertain others, and enjoy all the ways others want to entertain you!

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