Unbelievable: Melania Disrespected By Crowd

Unbelievable: Melania Disrespected By Crowd

Public speakers often have important messages to convey to America’s youth. This is especially the case with prestigious individuals, like First Lady Melania Trump, who have a wealth of life experience and positive morals to share. So, one would think that our youth are still taught to respect those individuals and behave themselves.

As Melania found out recently, America’s younger generations clearly don’t respect esteemed members of society like previous generations did.

Mrs. Trump gave a speech to the Baltimore Youth Summit on Opioid Awareness to raise awareness about this dangerous epidemic. Before her introduction was finished, Melania was immediately booed and jeered at while on stage. Below is a clip of the opening segments of her talk.

Not only is this extremely disrespectful behavior, but it’s also downright insulting given what her speech was about. Melania is attempting to steer our youth in a more positive direction and to make healthy choices. Instead of applause, she received outright dismissal.

If America’s younger generations can’t respect their elders’ wisdom and points of view, then our country’s future is in peril.

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