UN Confirms Taliban Is Launching Revenge Squads to Go After ‘Targets’

UN Confirms Taliban Is Launching Revenge Squads to Go After 'Targets'

(RightWing.org) – Taliban officials have attempted to assuage concerns regarding the expected brutality of its incoming regime in Afghanistan. However, within days of seizing control of the country, they resorted to violence when confronted by the first street demonstrations last week. Sadly, a group aligned with the United Nations has confirmed organized revenge efforts by the Taliban.

On August 19, a report from the RHIPTO Norwegian Center for Global Analyses for the United Nations started making the rounds on media outlets. The Norway-based private intelligence organization discussed evidence it obtained showing that the Taliban began rounding up Afghans using revenge squads.

According to the report, Taliban soldiers were using a blacklist of individuals they believed worked in key positions with the former Afghan government or US-led forces. The report also noted that if any Afghans evaded capture, Taliban soldiers would “target and arrest” family members and “punish them” based on the troops’ “interpretation of Sharia law.”

Reports from other international organizations bolster the findings detailed by RHIPTO. For instance, an Amnesty International report provided eyewitness accounts of Taliban soldiers killing nine members of an Afghan ethnic group last month. Similarly, Reporters Without Borders reported on Taliban troops killing a family member of an Afghan journalist.

The world is watching Afghanistan. Hopefully, the Taliban can clean up operations and stay true to their initial promise not to return the country to the dark days like the last time it controlled the country.

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