UN Chief Finally Calls for Immediate Release of Sudan Officials

UN Chief Finally Calls for Immediate Release of Sudan Officials

(RightWing.org) – Democrats have been scurrying about trying to promote the idea that the January 6 riot at the nation’s capital constituted an insurrection, a power grab by supporters for former President Donald Trump. In the meantime, Afghanistan has fallen into the hands of the Taliban during President Joe Biden’s botched withdrawal and evacuation. In addition, a group of assassins managed to kill the president of Haiti at his residence, and Sudan’s military staged a coup d’état on Monday, October 25.

Media outlets exploded with news of the overthrow of Sudan’s provisional government in the wee hours of the morning. Forbes reported military officials detained Sudan’s prime minister and several other senior ranking government officials. United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres called for their immediate release shortly after news broke of their capture.

Guterres released his statement using his Twitter account. He condemned the action of the Sudan military. “There must be full respect for [Sudan’s] constitutional charter,” he wrote, adding the United Nations will continue supporting the Sudanese people.

Sudan’s Military Coup Follows Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir’s Tyrannical Leadership

Reuters reported Sudanese soldiers killed at least 3 individuals and wounded as many as 80 others during the coup. According to Reuters, Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Burhan officially dissolved the joint military/civilian Sovereign Council that had led the country in the wake of Omar al-Bashir’s ouster two years ago. Al-Bashir held the country under autocratic rule since October 1993.

The International Criminal Court (ICC) issued arrest warrants for al-Bashir in 2009 and 2010. He faces multiple counts of crimes against humanity, murder, torture, abduction, and rape. He also faces war crime charges for intentionally directing attacks against civilians and several counts involving the genocide of targeted groups of people in Sudan.

On August 8, Sudan’s foreign minister, Mariam al-Mahdi, announced the country would turn over al-Bashir and other former leaders to the ICC. African news agencies reported the decision to relinquish al-Bashir followed talks between Sudan’s foreign ministry office and the ICC’s chief prosecutor Karim Khan.

Sudan reportedly planned to turn over two key figures from al-Bashir’s government: Abdel-Rahim Muhammad Hussein, the country’s former defense and interior minister, and Ahmed Haroun, the head of al-Bashir’s ruling party and former security chief.

What’s Next for Sudan?

It remains unclear what Sudan’s next steps are. Gen. al-Burhan announced a nationwide state of emergency on Monday. He also mobilized the nation’s military services to provide for the safety and security of Sudan’s civilian population.

The general also vowed the country would hold new elections in July 2023. Continuing, he promised to turn over control to civilian authorities shortly afterward.

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