Ukrainian President Makes No Mention of Trump at U.N.

Ukrainian President Makes No Mention of Trump at U.N.

Ukraine has dealt with Russia attempting to subvert their government for many years. In his speech at the UN, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky gave a warning to everyone listening about the Russian threat and the wars they wage across the world. Zelensky was trying to drive home the point that Russia is responsible for much of the turbulence we see in numerous countries, especially those surrounding its borders.

Of course, Democrats expected to hear something regarding Zelensky’s phone call with President Trump during his speech. Unfortunately for them, the leader made no mention of Trump at all. Instead, Zelensky focused on how the constant warfare conducted around the world is destabilizing and disrupting important and beneficial geopolitical activities.

Having a vision for global stability should be more important to the MSM than hunting for quotes to take out of context. Obviously, that’s not the case.


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