Ukraine Leak Suggests US May Be Involved in Proxy War

Ukraine Leak Suggests US May Be Involved in Proxy War

Ukraine LEAK – U.S. May Be Compromised Soon

( – When Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, the United States appeared to face Russian President Vladimir Putin’s aggression passively. Instead of military conflict, America and its NATO allies slammed economic sanctions on Russia for its actions in hopes it would deter Putin from further attacks. That strategy didn’t work.

Over the last several months, the US has supplied Ukraine with numerous weapons that have helped it push Russia out of Kyiv and bolster its forces in the eastern part of the county. In recent weeks, sensitive leaks began to emerge that the US was assisting Ukraine’s defensive measures by sharing high-level intelligence, leading to some of their successes to date. That’s led many to believe the US and Russia are engaging in a proxy war. It’s one where the stakes continue to get higher each day and could ultimately lead to a direct confrontation between the US and Russia.

Is the US Involved in a Proxy War?

According to a report by NBC News on April 26, the US shared intelligence with Ukraine that helped the war-torn country defend itself against Russia. The intelligence showed when and where Russia would strike, allowing the Ukrainians to move military hardware to prevent Russia from destroying it. In addition, Ukraine has killed several high-level Russian generals and sunk its top battleship. The information-sharing plans also allegedly enabled Ukraine to shoot down a Russian cargo plane loaded with hundreds of soldiers preparing to invade Kyiv.

On Monday, May 9, The Hill reported that President Joe Biden was furious with numerous leaks that could compromise the US posture with Russia. It appears that Russia is receiving news that the US is heavily involved in helping Ukraine much more profoundly than anyone knew, and without a direct intervention with Russia.

On Tuesday, The Washington Post said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov declared the Ukrainian-Russian conflict was a proxy war between NATO and Russia. He accused NATO of using Ukraine to batter Russia. The Post said Lavrov wasn’t wrong and said the less the Biden administration says, the better.

So, what is a proxy war? According to the Post, it’s when an adversary bleeds out the other side without a direct military confrontation. It’s an old game between the former Soviet Union and the United States. During the Cold War, Russia embroiled the US in proxy wars with Vietnam in the 1960s and 1970s. The US did it to Russia through Afghanistan and Nicaragua in the 1980s.

Is the US Provoking Russia

Since Russia’s annex of Crimea in 2014, the US has imposed stringent sanctions on Russia, with the most crippling beginning in late February it invaded Ukraine. By March 17, the US had seized Russian assets in the billions of dollars from 83 financial entities, 13 state and private-owned companies, and 6 individuals. Since then, Reuters has shown how extensive the financial punishment has been. The question is, isn’t this a provocation by itself?

While Biden appears to acknowledge that the leaks of the US operations in Ukraine could spill over and cause a confrontation, it’s something the president evidently doesn’t want. The Hill reported that the president made it abundantly clear to US officials that he doesn’t want a military confrontation with Moscow.

So, can the president have it both ways?

Can he enact a proxy war against Russia through Ukraine without drawing the US into a significant war?

Only time will tell.

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