Ukraine Issues Directive — “Prepare a Bomb Shelter…”

Ukraine Issues Directive ---

Warning ISSUED – “Prepare A Bomb Shelter…”

( – A Ukrainian government adviser has warned people in Russian-occupied areas to prepare shelters. The announcement came hard on the heels of a surprise counter-attack in the Kharkiv area, as well as reports of more liberated territory around Kherson.

In a September 5 Twitter message, Mykhailo Podolyak, one of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s senior advisers, said Ukrainians in Russian-occupied territory should “prepare a bomb shelter, stock up on… water and charge the powerbanks.” He said they should be ready to survive a bombardment, implying that Ukraine is planning more counter-attacks to liberate occupied territory.

Significantly, Podolyak aimed his message at all occupied territories, “including the Crimean peninsula.” Crimea has been under Russian control since 2014, but it seems Ukraine hasn’t given up hopes of recovering the region. Occupation forces on the peninsula have been hit with a series of attacks, including explosions on airbases that have destroyed at least eight Russian warplanes. At the time, Podolyak said the “epidemic of technical accidents” at Crimean airbases should be a warning to Russian troops to leave Ukraine.

Although Russian forces are still trying to advance, Ukraine is switching its focus from slowing the attacks to reclaiming captured land. On September 4, President Zelenskyy said Ukrainian forces had recaptured two towns in the south of the country and a third in the east. The village of Vysokopillya, near Kherson in the south, was recaptured on Sunday. Russia is struggling with shortages of precision weapons and troops — and Ukraine is exploiting that to liberate as much land as possible.

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