Ukraine Boosts Private Arms Production

( – For exactly a year and a half, Ukraine has been fighting off Russian aggression. Western allies have played a large part in that because they’ve been providing billions in the form of military equipment and humanitarian aid. President Joe Biden and his administration have been staunchly behind Ukraine, but not everyone feels the same way.

Some US legislators have expressed that “war fatigue” is setting in, and that reportedly has the European country worried about what might happen should former President Donald Trump return to the White House. To that end, Ukraine is allegedly boosting its own arms production.

Ukraine’s Domestic Arms Production

While Ukraine has largely relied on its Western allies to send the equipment it needs to fight off Russia, in recent months, domestic private enterprises have stepped up to help fill the need. These arms-makers are delivering kits to the frontlines of the war, and they’re also taking on the roles of making heavy armor and ammunition while also importing high-tech products such as drones.

Part of Ukraine’s issue is that following the collapse of the Soviet Union, it focused on exports of military equipment instead of manufacturing for its own forces. That is, until 2014 when Russia annexed Crimea. Ukraine tried to switch tactics, and its arms industry, trying to boost its own military, suffered from corruption scandals.

Then, in the months following the invasion, Russia targeted these producers, though some were eventually able to move to the Western region of the country and continue working.

Trump’s Stance on Ukraine

Trump’s stance on the Ukrainian war is that it’s “far more important for Europe than it is for the US” He says the US has sent a “staggering 125 Billion Dollars,” and European countries aren’t paying enough. This widely echoes his sentiments regarding NATO.

Trump also says that the war would’ve been over in 24 hours had he been at the helm and that Ukraine should concede some of its lands as part of negotiations.

The former president isn’t alone. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R), who is also seeking the Republican primary nomination, agrees that the conflict is not a vital interest. He once called it a “territorial dispute” but later walked back those comments.

Entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy is against sending military aid to Ukraine and also believes the nation should give up some of its territory. He would go even further so as to bar the European nation from NATO and close all US military bases in Eastern Europe. In return, he would require Russia to break its alliance with China.

On the other end of the spectrum, candidates Nikki Haley and Tim Scott believe the Biden Administration isn’t doing enough.

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