Ukraine Allegedly Hit Russian Territory With US Switchblade Drone

Ukraine Allegedly Hit Russian Territory With US Switchblade Drone

Ukraine Allegedly Attacks Russia Territories – US Involved?

( – President Joe Biden has repeatedly spoken out against supplying Ukraine with long-range weapons to avoid provoking a military conflict between the US and Russia. However, his administration appears to be doing everything possible to find a workaround for his public position. Recently, a couple of videos emerged, reportedly showing Ukrainian troops hitting Russian territory using a US Switchblade drone.

On July 27, bipartisan defense and national security publication 19FortyFive published an in-depth report detailing the recent publications of videos that appear to show a US-supplied Switchblade 300 drone striking a target roughly 2 kilometers (1.24 miles) inside Russian territory.

Ukraine Weapons Tracker reposted the Telegram clip and summarized the original post’s remarks. Allegedly, the drone strike killed one civilian and injured three others. Ukrainian officials supposedly claimed the assault targeted Russian Federal Security Service agents.

19FortyFive showed the footage to military analysts studying Russian and Ukrainian strategies. They confirmed the clips appeared authentic to the best of their knowledge.

In addition to Switchblade drones, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin recently confirmed the US was supplying the war-torn country with high mobility artillery rocket systems (HIMARS). The US has also provided Ukraine with munitions for guided multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) while relying on its German and British allies to supply the actual rocket systems.

What do you think about Ukraine going after Russian targets inside Russia and not just inside Ukraine?

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