Uh Oh, Now What? Future of Impeachment Uncertain

Uh Oh, Now What? Future of Impeachment Uncertain

Unfortunately, the impeachment vote passed in favor of persecuting President Trump. However, in typical Democrat fashion, the exact plans of how to proceed seemed to have been overlooked. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi failed to give a concrete vision of how the articles would be delivered to the senate, or if they would at all.

Pelosi’s “primary” concern is to see that the Senate holds a “fair” trial. Of course, her primary concern is to see Trump removed from office and isn’t interested in a fair shake for the president. What a shocker.

The Senate is supposed to receive the articles of impeachment before proceeding further, but Pelosi, on multiple accounts, failed to verify whether the Senate would receive them or not.

Pelosi also suggested that no managers would be named until Senate Republicans agreed to a “fair” process.

“We cannot name managers until we figure out what the process is on the Senate side. So far we haven’t seen anything that looks fair to us.”

This is more proof that Democrats are more than willing to make up the rules of this witch hunt as they continue with the charade.

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