Two Illegals Charged With Raping Child

Democrats continue to resist any policy that would secure our borders properly. Many of us are asking exactly how the Left will protect us against foreign criminals, to no avail. The Left remains silent. Meanwhile, Maryland prosecutors are charging two men with the repeated rape of a minor. Unsurprisingly, the accused men had no right to even be in this country.


Police in Montgomery County, MD, report that they’ve arrested two foreign men and charged them with multiple counts of rape of an 11-year-old girl. It’s a complicated and messy story, and plenty of people will be looking for excuses along the way. But, there’s one simple and undeniable fact — this would never have happened if we could keep illegals out of the country.

  • In July 2018, the victim’s older brother introduced her to 29-year-old Mauricio Barrera-Navidad. The El Salvadorean national was a guest at the brother’s birthday party in a Germantown trailer park. That same night he took the girl into a bedroom and raped her.
  • In September of last year, the girl’s brother introduced her to another illegal, 28-year-old Carlos Palacios-Amaya, also a citizen of El Salvador. Over the next few months, Palacios-Amaya raped the girl several times.
  • The girl told social workers that Palacios-Amaya pressured her to cut school so she could spend the day with him while her parents were at work. He also used his cell phone to record videos of the girl performing sex acts; some of these atrocious videos were still on his phone when he was arrested.
  • After the arrests, ICE confirmed that both suspects are in the US illegally — this wasn’t the first time they had been caught.
  • Palacios-Amaya was deported in 2014 but managed to sneak back in again to commit his crimes against the girl. Barrera-Navidad was served with a “final order of removal” in 2016 — but managed to stay in the country for another three years.
  • ICE has now lodged detainers against both men with the Montgomery County Detention Center. If all goes to plan they’ll both be deported once Maryland has finished with them, regardless of what happens with their charges. This is the sort of enforcement action “sanctuary” laws are designed to block.
  • Nobody’s claiming that keeping illegal immigrants out would end crime in the US. Of course it wouldn’t — most crimes in this country are committed by citizens. That’s just a statistic, though. In this case, an 11-year-old girl suffered months of horrific abuse because of two men who shouldn’t have even been here.

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