Twitter Will Censor All But 7 News Outlets Reporting Election Results

Twitter Will Censor All But 7 News Outlets Reporting Election Results

( – Not one to shy away from wielding the mighty sword of censorship, Twitter announced enhanced rules to election result coverage on their platform. Twitter posted its initial policy changes to prevent the spread of “misleading information” in an October 9 blog post.

Then, on November 2, they posted a tweet linking to updated measures to supposedly protect the integrity of tweets discussing the 2020 election results.

According to the update, Twitter will label posts from individual accounts, noting background information about the account holder. Accounts impacted include all 2020 candidates and their campaigns, United States-based accounts with more than 100K followers, and tweets with more than 25K engagements (likes, quote tweets, and retweets).

Twitter also posted exemptions for seven media organizations. Notably, only one company is conservative — Fox News. Five liberal-leaning mainstream media companies were exempted, including ABC News, the Associated Press, CBS News, CNN, and NBC News. Decision Desk HQ, a non-partisan operation, was also exempted.

Conservatives have complained for years about big tech bias against conservative voices with President Trump issuing an executive order earlier this year aimed at limiting their legal protections. It appears that Twitter wants to speed up the process.

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