Twitter Doubles Down on Censorship

Twitter Doubles Down on Censorship

( – Last week, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey had to apologize for locking accounts run by the Trump campaign and White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany. The clumsy attempt to bury the latest Hunter Biden story backfired badly, with President Trump threatening to change the law on social media platforms and free speech.

It doesn’t seem that Twitter has learned its lesson, though. On October 18, conservative activist Charlie Kirk said his account has been locked after he tweeted a story that was widely reported at the time but turned out to be untrue. On Saturday, Kirk, who founded the education campaign group Turning Point USA, tweeted a story about alleged voter fraud in Pennsylvania that had been reported by independent journalism group ProPublica. Kirk said the state had rejected numerous multiple mail-in ballots; it turned out they had rejected 372,000 duplicate applications.

Twitter suspended Kirk’s account over this difference, claiming he posted “false information.” The key point is that some people in Pennsylvania have tried to vote multiple times; Kirk has been banned because he got a minor detail wrong.

Wouldn’t requesting a correction have been a better course of action?

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