Tulsi Gabbard Responds After Mitt Romney Accuses Her of Treason

Tulsi Gabbard Responds After Mitt Romney Accuses Her of Treason

(RightWing.org) – Former Democratic presidential hopeful and former Hawaii Representative Tulsi Gabbard continues to speak her mind about the ongoing Ukrainian conflict, and Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) continues to appear to straddle the fence somewhere between acting like a RINO and a never-Trumper. He recently accused Gabbard of treason, and she responded with both barrels blazing.

Gabbard posted a short video on her Twitter page on March 13, weighing in on the controversy surrounding allegations the United States funded biolabs in Ukraine.

A few hours later, Romney tweeted, accusing her of spreading Russian propaganda. He also wrote Gabbard’s “treasonous lies [could] cost lives.”

As one might expect, Gabbard didn’t waste any time ripping into Romney’s accusations. She posted a 14-part Twitter thread challenging him to back up his claims.

Gabbard quoted State Department Under Secretary Victoria Nuland’s March 8 Senate testimony acknowledging the presence of Ukrainian biomedical research facilities. She also linked a March 11 Department of Defense fact sheet “directly [and] indirectly confirming the existence of [Ukrainian] Biolabs.”

Then, hammering her point home, Gabbard cited an April 2020 statement released by the US Embassy in Ukraine admitting US-funded labs operated within the country researching vaccine pathogens.

Gabbard concluded her post calling on Romney to admit he was wrong, apologize, and resign.

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