Tucson Rejects “Sanctuary” Law

Tucson Rejects

President Trump has been working hard to protect Americans from the threat of illegal immigration — but it seems like some people would rather be in danger than compromise their liberal dogma on open borders. Even as the administration asks the Supreme Court to strike down California’s so-called “sanctuary” laws, Arizona Liberals are trying to make one of their own cities easier for illegals to hide in. Luckily, voters weren’t having it.


Arizona is a border state that recognizes the importance of national security. State law compels police officers to investigate the status of anyone suspected of being an illegal immigrant — because illegal immigration is against the law — and the conservative majority has little patience with California-style virtues. Except in Tucson.

  • Arizona has a state law — SB1070 — that Liberals hate. This law states that cops can, in the process of upholding other laws, also question the immigration status of anyone who’s suspected of being in the country illegally.
  • Liberals object to SB1070 on the grounds that it’s likely to be disproportionately applied to people of Hispanic origin. Ignoring the fact Arizona has a border with Mexico, which might be an indicator of where illegal immigrants in the state come from, they’ve never produced any evidence that discrimination under SB1070 is a real problem.
  • Voters in Tucson, a liberal enclave in the traditionally red state, had the chance Tuesday to exempt their city from SB1070. Proposition 205 would have imposed restrictions on when police can ask someone about their immigration status. It would also have restricted the ability of Tucson cops to cooperate with federal law enforcement.
  • Like other so-called “sanctuary” laws, the only effect Prop 205 would really have is to protect illegal immigrants from being caught while other crimes are being investigated. These laws are so obviously biased in favor of people who’re already criminals that it’s amazing even Liberals can’t see how insane they are.
  • Liberals in Tucson saw Prop 205 as a direct challenge to President Trump’s tough stance on illegal immigration. They were also hoping to take the teeth out of SB1070.
  • However, there was a lot of opposition to 205. Even the city’s mayor and council members — who’re all Democrats — opposed it. They said city police are already doing everything that’s legally possible to obstruct federal immigration enforcement.
  • City authorities feared that passing Prop 205 would result in the city losing millions of dollars in state and federal funding — some of Arizona’s Republican legislators had threatened to punish the city by cutting off funding if it passed a law that conflicts with state law.
  • Thankfully, Tuscon voters came to their senses in time for Tuesday’s vote and soundly defeated the proposition with over 70% of voters turning down the measure.

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