Tucker Carlson Video Exposing Black Lives Matter REMOVED From YouTube

BREAKING: Tucker Carlson REMOVED - Details Released...

(RightWing.org) – It seems, of late, that liberal companies are completely bent on silencing conservatives.

Independent media site The Gateway Pundit has sensationally claimed that a Tucker Carlson video was removed from YouTube to suppress journalism that hit a bit too close to the mark. Carlson’s offense? He highlighted links between the left-wing moment, Black Lives Matter (BLM), and a convicted terrorist.

Carlson Links “Black Lives Matter” To Terrorism

In an interview with former NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik, Carlson explored the structure of the BLM organization – and hit on the fact that it isn’t really an organization at all. It’s just a project run by the nonprofit Thousand Currents. Where it gets interesting is that the vice-chair of Thousand Currents is Susan Rosenberg, a convicted terrorist who would still be in jail if President Clinton hadn’t commuted her sentence on his last day in office.

BLM ignores what’s really ending black lives in the US – violence perpetrated by young black men – to focus relentlessly on the police. The group terror Rosenberg was a member of in the 70s and 80s, the May 19th Communist Organization, also targeted the police. At one point, Rosenberg was wanted as an accomplice in the murder of two NYPD officers.

While YouTube hasn’t officially claimed responsibility for removing Carlson’s video, but where could it have gone? The platform is just one of the liberal companies that seems determined to shut down Conservative voices, but they have a fight on their hands this time. Carlson’s video might’ve been pulled, but others are reposting it to make sure the message stays out there.

This is wrong. Period. Big companies shouldn’t be allowed to silence Tucker Carlson just because they disagree with him.

It’s an abuse of power. And it needs to stop.

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