Tucker Carlson Tells Why Robert Kennedy Jr Is Really Hated

Tucker Carlson Tells Why Robert Kennedy Jr Is Really Hated

(RightWing.org) – It’s been a while since a Kennedy entered a presidential race, but in April, Robert F Kennedy Jr announced that he planned to challenge President Biden for next year’s Democratic nomination. His candidacy hasn’t exactly been welcomed by the liberal media, though; in fact, he’s being ferociously attacked. Conservative media personality Tucker Carlson thinks he knows why.

Kennedy is the son of Robert F Kennedy, who ran for the Democrat presidential nomination in 1968 but was assassinated just after winning the California primary. The younger RFK launched his own campaign on April 19, and while Biden still has a significant lead, there’s momentum building up behind Kennedy’s campaign.

With many Democrats unhappy with Biden, the president’s team would prefer to focus on fighting Republicans rather than facing a Dem challenger. Luckily for Biden, the mainstream media are solidly against Kennedy. The LA Times has called him a “threat to democracy,” and NPR has also been highly critical.

On June 22, former Fox host Tucker Carlson broadcast the latest episode of his new show on Twitter. In it, he discussed Kennedy and why the media hates him so much — and he pins the blame on his vaccine skepticism; for example, the New York Times has accused him of “shaking America’s faith in science.” Carlson ridiculed that description, saying, “You’d think Bobby Kennedy just declared war on the Enlightenment.”

Carlson went on to praise Kennedy, saying, “He notices things…. He’s curious” and adding that this is how science works. His message was obvious — Kennedy’s scientific habits are the reason he’s skeptical of vaccines. Unfortunately for him, the vaccines are an article of religious faith for the mainstream media; according to Carlson, that’s why the media are hammering RFK so badly. The question is whether that will be enough to kill his campaign and give Biden a free ride.

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