Tucker Carlson Responds to Calls for His ARREST Over Biolabs Coverage

Tucker Carlson Responds to Calls for His ARREST Over Bio-labs Coverage

(RightWing.org) – Divisions within the United States over the Russia/Ukraine conflict have risen to the point that members of the liberal-dominated mainstream media are attacking individuals for expressing opinions contrary to their own. Recent calls for the arrest of Fox News host Tucker Carlson for his coverage of Ukrainian biolab stories serve as a perfect case in point.

Members of ABC’s The View recently tore into Tucker Carlson for reporting about ongoing developments with US-funded biolabs in Ukraine. The hosts accused Carlson of being a “Russian propagandist,” and Whoopi Goldberg called for his arrest, saying that used to be the norm for people aiding Russian efforts in any way.

As one might expect, Carlson quickly struck back at those claims during the March 15 airing of his program. “Really?” he began. “They used to arrest people?” Continuing, he asked exactly who facilitated those arrests and when.

Facing the camera, Carlson mocked The View hosts. “So, we are at war with Russia [and] must send you to [prison] because of freedom!” Picking up the pace, Carlson sarcastically added democracy doesn’t tolerate dissenting opinions from its citizens, “particularly [ones] who sincerely hope and pray for the best” for their nation.

As recently reported, former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (R-HI) faced similar accusations from Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT). She subsequently shredded him in a lengthy statement posted on her Twitter page documenting recent Biden administration statements that prove the US funds bioresearch facilities in Ukraine.

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