Tucker Carlson Reports “Spies” Linked to Federal Government

Tucker Carlson Reports

(RightWing.org) – Controversy continues mounting in the wake of Elon Musk’s release of the Twitter Files, a series of documents detailing the platform’s past efforts to throw the 2020 presidential election in then-candidate Joe Biden’s favor. Fox News host Tucker Carlson recently discussed the Big Tech company’s use of spies linked to the federal government.

Carlson talked about the widespread use of former FBI agents and other federal officials in critical positions at Twitter. The popular primetime host pointed out the platform would need to hire techies to keep the platform operating correctly. Likewise, it would need staffers to handle administrative needs.

“But, how many spies would you hire?” Carlson rhetorically asked, answering, “probably none.”

Continuing, Carlson noted that “at least 15” individuals who once worked for government agencies occupied the “upper ranks of Twitter” before Musk’s takeover. For instance, Carlson noted that Twitter’s former deputy general counsel, Jim Baker, previously worked in a similar capacity at the FBI.

As Right Wing recently reported, Musk fired Baker after allegations emerged he may have suppressed portions of the Twitter Files. He also reportedly spearheaded Twitter’s effort to throttle a New York Post exposé revealing damning evidence on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Carlson also pointed out that one of the former heads of Twitter’s Trust and Safety Department, Charles Smith, previously worked at the United States Cyber Command. He listed others, like a former Naval counterintelligence officer who once occupied a high-ranking position in the company.

Why do you think Twitter used to hire possible Deep State actors to head up key operations?

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