Truth Bombs Dropped In New Afghanistan Report

Truth Bombs Dropped In New Afghanistan Report

Ever since America established a presence in Afghanistan in 2001, we’ve been led to believe that our best efforts were paying off. The Taliban seemed to be under control, rebuilding the country’s infrastructure was going well and America was controlling the nation’s highly-lucrative opium trade. For nearly 20 years, we the people have received news of progress and improvements.

A recent report just flipped that narrative on its head.

It turns out that, while there have been some improvements to Afghanistan as a whole, the cost is much higher than we were led to believe.

At the same time, Liberals are attempting to, at least partially, pin the blame on Trump. Former Congressman Ron Paul of Texas openly criticized our nation’s continued presence in the region. Unfortunately for lefties, Trump made reference to Paul’s critiques nearly a decade ago.

Maybe the public discourse would be a little more honest if only Liberals would do some homework rather than looking for a scapegoat.

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