Trump’s Winning Campaign Strategy

Trump's Winning Campaign Strategy

( – While Democrats are squabbling among each other for the support of various demographics, President Trump is successfully appealing to everyone in America!

Race, sex, and religion aside, Trump’s campaign has launched multiple outreach initiatives that continue to draw support from a broad range of demographics. The official Trump campaign Twitter posted some of its results.

Still, Democrats continue to propagate the notion that Trump’s rhetoric is purely divisive and exclusionary. How can Trump be excluding hard-working Americans when people from all walks of life rally behind his campaign? He isn’t, but that’s not stopping fake news outlets from trying to tell you otherwise.

Don’t listen to the MSM — they never tell you the whole story.

The real reason Donald Trump is so popular is that he’s doing more for the average citizen than any of the DNC candidates could ever hope. His broad base of support reflects that reality. So, here’s to another four years of President Trump!

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