Trump’s Running Mate Rumors Keep Swirling Around One Name

Trump's Running Mate Rumors Keep Swirling Around One Name

Trump’s Running Mate Rumors Keep Swirling Around One Name

( – On November 15, former President Donald Trump confirmed that he plans to run again in 2024. Attention is now switching to who will be on the ticket with him, and a front-runner is already starting to emerge.

Trump’s announcement has energized the Republican Party where he’ll likely still face strong opposition for the nomination. Of course, people are already wondering who he might pick as his vice-presidential candidate. Trump has hinted that he’s thinking about it, and a few names have been tossed around.

Trump backed several candidates in the midterms, some of which are possibilities — Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake, for example, or popular lawmakers like Representatives Elise Stefanik (R-NY) and Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA).

Now, another possible running mate is being talked about. Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds (R) is building a solid power base in the GOP. On November 16, she was elected as chair of the Republican Governors Association. Grassroots Republicans and conservative groups like her, too, and even the ultra-liberal Washington Post described her as a rising star.

It’s vital for Trump that he picks the right running mate. Tensions between him and former Vice President Mike Pence caused problems at the end of his first term, and he’ll be keen to avoid that again. Reynolds could be a good unifying choice.

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