Trump’s Ready to Reopen

Re-Opening Takes a Step Forward

( – In a remarkable virtual town hall hosted by FOX News, President Donald Trump shared his enthusiasm for getting America back open for business. While some steps have already been taken at the state level, there are many more sectors of the country yet to come back online. Trump is prepared to make that happen.

Below is part one of the event and this is part two.

While the president stated that the media treats him worse than Lincoln, “We have to get [the economy] back open safely but as quickly as possible” was the main theme of the discussion. Trump is adamant about states re-opening at their own pace but wants to see some move faster. The longer it takes to get America fully operational, the harder it’ll be on everyone.


To that end, if the country needs more relief money, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said that Trump is “absolutely prepared” to give it. However, Trump also stated that he wouldn’t pass more stimulus bills that don’t include payroll tax cuts. Even with the $2.2 trillion CARES Act and the $484 billion interim stimulus bill, some areas are still struggling to deal with COVID-19.

CARES 2 Act is currently under construction, and Trump is ready to provide whatever he thinks America needs to get through this crisis quickly and safely.

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