Trump’s Policy Struck Down

Trump's Policy Struck Down

( – The height of Liberal hubris rears its ugly head once again.

Peter J. Messitte, a US District Judge from Maryland, put a temporary stop to one of President Trump’s executive orders. The result? State and local officials can no longer prevent refugee admission approvals in their jurisdictions.

Liberals are forcing the nation to accept refugees, whether local governments want to or not.

According to Messitte, Trump’s new refugee policy is “likely unlawful” and does not “appear to serve the overall public interest.” How is attempting to protect Americans going against the public interest? Because Trump isn’t in favor of open borders like Democrats.

This isn’t the first time Messitte has had a bone to pick with Trump’s policies.

Democrats are doing everything they can to protect immigrants more than American citizens. Their influence has spread right into the judiciary system. Hopefully, this nonsense will come to an end soon with the 2020 elections coming up.

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