Trump’s Next Big Trade Deal

Trump's Next Big Trade Deal

According to President Trump and other officials, NAFTA is dead. That trade deal lasted for over 25 years and regulated international business relations and protocols. Now, Trump has finally come to an agreement with other North American leaders to revitalize trade relations after over two years of negotiations.

This week, Trump and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), which is expected to pass through Congress with bipartisan support. It’s further proof that Trump can continue to do his job in spite of this false impeachment process.

Trump and Pelosi both announced the deal through Twitter.

However, Pelosi attempted to steal the spotlight by falsely claiming that Democrats were the real heroes behind the new agreement.

In spite of Pelosi’s support, Dems have been fiercely opposing the USMCA for months as Ronna McDaniel points out.

To no one’s surprise, the hypocrisy of Democrats knows no bounds.

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