Trump’s Message for Protesters

Trump's Message for Protesters

( – Protests across the country are conveying a very clear message: people want America to open back up. Many are ready to get back to work and resume a normal life again. Some protesters are also concerned about the erosion of civil liberties when it comes to state-level quarantine measures.

President Donald Trump can certainly sympathize as he’s also eager to re-open the economy — when it’s safe to do so. White House counselor Kellyanne Conway has also stated that President Trump wants protesters to practice social distancing. That includes keeping six feet apart and wearing masks or face covers. Virtually no one at the protests this past weekend was abiding by those guidelines.

President Trump and his task force have laid out specific guidelines to help states determine when it’s appropriate to start revitalizing local economies. It’s a three-phase plan, and many states are still struggling to satisfy the gating criteria before starting phase one.

This means that it’s currently not safe to ease back on social distancing, self-quarantining measures, or to re-open non-essential economies yet.

Ultimately, each state must decide when it’s safe to go back to business as usual. Trump has laid the groundwork to help them determine when the time is right. Currently, it seems like it’s too early to go back to normal. Protesting without practicing proper COVID-19 hygiene will only delay the re-opening of America.

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