Immigration Health Plan Blocked By Liberal Judge

Trump's Immigration Health Plan Blocked By Liberal Judge

President Trump’s new healthcare plans for immigrants have been blocked by a federal judge. The presidential proclamation, aimed at reducing the cost of immigration to American taxpayers, has been loudly criticized by liberals — and now, as usual, they’re resorting to the courts to change the law.

The president announced last month that applicants for a green card would need to prove that they could either obtain health insurance or cover the costs of their own care. Any applicant who couldn’t do that would have their application declined. If enacted, the proclamation would protect Americans from having their insurance costs hiked to pay for treatment for uninsured immigrants.

Liberals have protested that the scheme discriminates against low-income immigrants. Yes, it does — that’s the whole point. The idea is to prevent people from coming to the US to be a burden on our society, rather than an asset to it.

Now Judge Michael Simon, of Portland, Oregon’s Federal District Court, has issued a temporary restraining order. This order bars the new conditions from being applied nationwide. Judge Simon was appointed by Barack Obama in 2011 — despite questions about his political impartiality — he’s previously worked for liberal pressure groups, including the ACLU, and is married to Rep. Suzanne Bonamici (D-OR).


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