Trump’s Big Boost From the Witch Hunt

Trump's Big Boost From the Witch Hunt

In spite of the obvious impeachment hoax to defame President Trump, he’s received a huge amount of support from Americans who understand the incredible job he’s done in the White House.

Trump’s campaign earned over $3.1 million in donations on the first day of impeachment hearings. And it’s not even the first time Americans have shown true loyalty in light of the Democrats’ political games. A mere 24 hours after Nancy Pelosi announced the impeachment inquiry in September, the Trump campaign received another $5 million.

Few, if any, DNC White House hopefuls can hope to compete with that kind of generous support.

In comparison, Barack Obama’s re-election campaign raised $70 million in the third quarter of 2011. The RNC has gained $125 million during Q3 of this year.

In addition to this monetary victory, Trump held a rally in Louisiana this week to garner even more support.

A key moment from his rally involved this statement from the president:

“We did nothing wrong — and they’re doing nothing.”

-Donald Trump

President Trump continues to “Keep America Great” while the Dems are lashing out against him. Whatever the Left says about Trump, they could never hope to achieve the same success he has in office, and continuing this witch hunt will only serve to bolster his re-election campaign going into 2020.

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