Trump’s Address to the Nation

Trump’s Address to the Nation

The world sat on the edge of its seat waiting for President Trump to give his address on Iran. The situation in the Middle East rapidly evolved over the course of a weekend and nearly spiraled out of control on Tuesday. Thankfully, the president put everyone’s fears of witnessing a major conflict with Iran to rest.

The full 10-minute statement is below, but continue reading for the highlights.

Iran launched missiles towards two US military bases in Iraq Tuesday night. No US soldiers were injured or killed, and there was only minimal damage to the bases. Advanced early warning systems and dispersal of armed forces were to thank for this outcome.

Additionally, Trump stated that “Iran appears to be standing down.” The president reminded the world that Iran is the epicenter of terrorism in the Middle East. Trump said that sanctions against Iran would remain in place as long as their violent activities and “nuclear ambitions” continue.

Trump then called for NATO to “break away from the remnants of the Iran Nuclear Deal” and to become more involved in the Middle East. He wants to see a new, peaceful and economically prosperous deal with Iran rather than clinging to past ambitions. The president also stated his desire to see America and Iran join forces to continue the fight against ISIS.

Finally, President Trump reminded everyone that America has become energy independent under his administration. He also mentioned that new hypersonic missiles were under development and that our military technology still continues to improve and lead the world.

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