Trump’s 2020 Campaign Has a Message

Trump's 2020 Campaign Has a Message

Trump’s 2020 Campaign Has a Message
Can Trump top his last campaign message, “Make America Great Again”? Trump feels confident he does not need to top his previous one; instead, he sees it as “adding to the message,” instead. Others (mostly the Left) feel he’s about to go too far in an attempt to gain attention. But what’s the real message?

Ultimately, Trump is still about Making America Great Again, but there’s another newer message included for 2020. The President is clearly reminding people that his opponent supports the toxic and problematic “New Green Deal.” Let’s take a look at what makes this so compelling and why Trump has a serious chance of winning in 2020.


  • Trump wants people to believe in his idea of the way this country is and should be run. He made this concept work in his previous campaign, so why change something that works?
  • It turns out there is one potential good reason for additional change: Bernie Sanders, his prospective opponent, supports the “Green New Deal.” Why does this matter? The incredibly questionable proposed economic stimulus program seeks to force Americans to turn to renewable energy despite an exorbitant price tag. Critically, even many Democrats disagree with it – except for Sanders.
  • Sanders has made the Green New Deal a cornerstone of his campaign on the assumption that he will win the younger vote. What he may end up doing instead is alienating the greater part of his older voter base.
  • If Trump campaigns on the fact that Sanders is a GND supporter, he may be able to leech votes from the Democratic Party on that alone. It would effectively split the vote in a similar way to what we saw back in 2016.
  • Trump’s message to his supporters at a February rally in El Paso, Texas, summed his stance up well. “They’re coming for your money and they’re coming for your freedom,” he said. “Radical resistance. It’s the radical Left.” He is referring to the Democratic Party and their beliefs for this country.
  • The president believes that the Democrats will lose the 2020 election by their own hand. He believes his job is to point out the facts — the voters will see his vision because his facts make sense.
  • Research also shows that people in America do not like change; this is known as the “default effect.” With Trump’s vision and the default effect combined, they are a powerful influence on his potential to win.
  • Polls have shown that Trump is meeting America’s expectations. While this is good news for Trump, the flip side is the Democratic Party is not as appealing to the voters. The Democrats need to revamp their plans and vision for this country to win more votes. With the DNC targeting younger voters, they fail to consider older-generation party members who agree with more stereotypically Republican ideas. This could cause a real issue for them when it comes to the 2020 election.
  • Trump and his team have a great plan put together for his re-election campaign in 2020. At this point, unless the Democrats can come up with a good contender, it is likely Trump will sweep the election with another win for the presidency and the country.