Trump Will Fix “War Zone” Cities If Necessary

Trump Will Fix

( – President Trump has had enough. Today he issued a warning to Democrat-run cities affected by civil disorder. He hinted that if local authorities won’t take steps to end spiraling crime and political violence, the federal government will.

Pinning the blame squarely on the “left-wing group of people that are running cities,” Trump made it clear for struggling mayors and local governments, help is available from the US government – whether they want it or not.


Speaking at a Justice Department briefing on gang violence Wednesday, President Trump made his point that failing local governments have to get serious about protecting the people.

  • The president made his comments at an update on federal law enforcement agencies’ campaign to destroy the MS-13 gang inside US borders. Expanding to the broader field of law enforcement, he stated that MS-13 isn’t the only problem we’re facing.
  • Highlighting Democrat-controlled cities facing very high levels of violence – like Chicago, which saw 68 shooting victims and 18 deaths last week – Trump left no doubt the administration is out of patience with unchecked criminality.
  • One example the president focused on was Minneapolis, the ultimate source of the protests and riots that have wracked the nation for almost two months. Harshly criticizing city officials who refused to let local cops act, Trump said “we straightened that mess out” as soon as the National Guard was deployed to the city.
  • Minneapolis was one of many cities that suffered from days of rioting, but the difference is that order was quickly restored when the state, faced with the administration’s determination to do something, mobilized the Guard itself. Seattle also managed to restore order, under federal pressure, by using overwhelming police numbers to clear the lawless zone established by anarchists.
  • The president condemned “radical left-wing politicians” who have prioritized open borders and support for illegals over law and order, and said those politicians weren’t doing their jobs properly.
  • He said, “They’re supposed to be asking for help and they don’t want to ask,” then stated next week there’s likely to be an announcement on the administration’s plans to help those cities. He went on to say he thinks the American people want to see action on the ongoing disorder.

Going by Wednesday’s briefing, the administration’s support for cities will be a multi-agency effort. The Department of Justice, Homeland Security and immigration officials are all likely to be involved.

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