Trump Whistleblower Claims “Based on Hearsay”

Trump Whistleblower Claims

The latest scandal aimed at President Trump is that he spoke to Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky in an attempt to mire Democrat candidate Joe Biden in a corruption scandal. This claim was based on the word of a White House whistleblower who claimed to have overheard the conversation. Or did they?

It emerged over the weekend that the whistleblower didn’t overhear anything — their claims were all based on hearsay, apparently involving information they didn’t learn in the course of their work. President Trump is very open about the fact he discussed corruption with Zelensky, including any possible involvement of Hunter Biden. This isn’t remarkable, though — after all, the president is America’s most senior diplomat. What matters is that according to Ukraine there was no attempt by Trump to apply pressure and get an investigation started.

This is just another blatant attempt to smear our president in the media and sway public opinion.

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