Trump Welcomes Testimony

Trump Welcomes Testimony

With another stunning blow to the impeachment witch hunt, President Trump openly shamed and dismissed the validity of the claims against him again.

In spite of the fake news narrative that the president is afraid of these impeachment hearings, Trump is INVITING people to testify. He knows it will only provide more evidence of his honesty and make the case for his rightful exoneration. Of course, the MSM isn’t covering that angle because they know it’s true.

What the Dems are really trying to do is force individuals to testify through legislative pressure and not of their own free will. It’s clear that Dems don’t have a leg to stand on, so they’re using Congress and legislative processes for crutches. This entire ordeal is a charade designed to misguide the public and encourage them to lash out against the president.

It’s incredible that some Americans are buying into fake news and Democrat narratives, which just goes to show the power of the MSM.

Don’t fall for it — the “witnesses” only sanctify Trump’s actions.

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