Trump Welcomed in Alabama, Protests Kept to a Minimum

Trump Welcomed in Alabama, Protests Kept to a Minimum

President Trump attended the Alabama-LSU football game on Saturday, drawing criticism from some leftists. However, unlike recent events in Liberal cities where crowd members showed disrespect by booing the president, he received a warm welcome from fans in Tuscaloosa.

While there were protestors at the game their numbers were small, and they were faced with good-natured opposition from the crowd — one protestor said many fans shouted “Trump 2020!” as they entered the stadium. There was more visible enthusiasm when President Trump and the First Lady arrived in their box, with supporters chanting “U.S.A!”.

The one jarring note was the presence of an offensive “Baby Trump” balloon, brought along by the dozen or so protestors. These balloons were popularized during the president’s visit to the UK last year when one was ordered by leftists backed by radical London mayor Sadiq Khan. The one at the Crimson Tide game was hauled down and punctured by a patriotic fan — who, unbelievably, has now been arrested and charged with felony criminal mischief. While we certainly don’t condone criminal behavior, we are glad that there are Americans willing to stand up for our president.

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