Trump Wants National Guard Called in Against Smash and Grabs

Trump Wants National Guard Called in Against Smash And Grabs

( – Smash and grabs have risen to an intolerable level recently, particularly in Democratic-led states. Things got bad enough in California that Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) directed highway patrol officers to increase their presence around retail sites beginning on November 22. By all accounts, that effort failed, prompting former President Donald Trump to weigh in on the issue.

On November 30, President Trump issued a press release calling on the use of National Guard troops to put an end to increasing smash and grab robberies. The country has never experienced something like this before, he stated.

Continuing, the former president discussed the potential long-term damage created by the failure to stop the crime wave. “[S]tores are leaving San Francisco and other cities,” he warned. “[C]hains are closing,” he added. It’s “not even believable.”

For those unfamiliar with the term, smash and grabs involve a person, or a group of people, breaking storefront windows or display cases and stealing anything they can easily take. Then, they make a quick escape using their vehicles, making it difficult for law enforcement officials to prevent the thefts and arrest suspects.

For instance, police officers were only able to arrest 2 individuals in a recent Palo Alto, California, smash and grab incident out of an estimated group of 20 to 30 people.

Perhaps now would be a good time for Liberals to reconsider their calls to ‘defund the police.’

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