Trump Ukraine Transcript Released

Trump Ukraine Transcript Released
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As President Trump promised, the transcript of his telephone call with Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky has now been released — and impeachment-crazed Democrats were eager to scan every word for evidence. Unfortunately for them, it doesn’t exactly support their narrative that Trump tried to bribe or pressure Zelensky into digging up dirt.


Democrats were outraged after a “whistleblower” leaked details of a recent call between Presidents Trump and Zelensky. They claimed that Trump had frozen a huge $400 million aid package to Ukraine, using it as leverage to get Joe Biden’s son investigated and smear the presidential wannabe with corruption allegations.

  • President Trump quickly promised to squash the rumors and hysteria by releasing the text of his call with Zelensky. That’s now been done. White House sources say it isn’t a verbatim transcript, but it’s based on what listeners remember of the call and the notes they took during it.

  • The relevant part of the call begins when Trump asked Zelensky if he could look into allegations that Biden applied pressure to Ukraine to stop a corruption investigation. While he was vice president, Biden urged Ukraine to fire its head prosecutor, who was running a probe into Burisma Holdings, a natural gas firm. Hunter Biden, Joe’s son, is a board member of Burisma.
  • Trump told Zelensky that, as Biden seemed to have used the authority of the US to interfere in the earlier investigation, it would be good if it could be looked at again. Zelensky said he would detail a new prosecutor to look at the case, saying that “the issue of the investigation of the case is actually the issue to restore the honesty.” Ukraine, like many former socialist countries, is plagued with corruption.
  • What the transcript doesn’t show is any mention of aid by Trump. In fact, the only mention of aid was from Zelensky, when he thanked Trump for military aid that the US has already provided. There’s no sign of the “quid pro quo” Dems are alleging.

  • The “whistleblower” who leaked the story is now under heavy fire after admitting they didn’t actually hear the call themselves but based their claims on hearsay. The DoJ also says there’s reason to believe the leak was motivated by political bias. That shouldn’t surprise anyone, of course. The whole obsession with impeaching our democratically elected president is obvious political bias.

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