Trump Tulsa Rally Breaking Records

Trump Tulsa Rally Breaking Records

( – There are two ways President Donald Trump reaches out directly to the American people. He holds rallies and he tweets. Sadly, while the COVID-19 pandemic raged, the president had to stop attending events with his supporters. And if the latest ticket requests are any indication of how voters feel, they really missed him.

Trump 2020 Campaign Manager Brad Parscale announced ticket requests for the president’s Tulsa, Oklahoma rally are breaking records.

The rally was originally set for June 19, the day the Black community commemorates the end of slavery. After community leaders and activists asked the president to move the event, he did. It is now going to happen on June 20.

Parscale said the campaign is setting up another Tulsa event because the demand is so great.

The American people clearly like being able to interact with their president on a more intimate level. Imagine what the rallies are going to look like as we get closer to the November election. In Parscale’s words, they are “Going to be epic!”

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