Trump to De-Escalate in Afghanistan

Trump to De-escalate in Afghanistan

A bombshell report was recently dropped on America regarding the truth of our involvement in Afghanistan. The direct result of this shocking story of how previous administrations have lied to us about the “progress” America has made overseas led to questioning our role in Afghanistan. President Trump has seriously considered what to do over the past week since this news broke.

Now, Trump has come to a decision. Nearly 4,000 US troops will be pulled out of Afghanistan as early as next week. Additionally, he plans to remove all of our troops by the time the November 2020 elections roll around.

Trump absolutely deserves the praise he’s getting for this decision.

Given the monumental failure that our previous Afghanistan policies have accomplished, Trump is living up to his promise to keep America out of needless conflicts. He estimates that the nearly 9,000 troops leftover is enough to ensure that negotiations with the Taliban can continue unhindered.

Thank you, President Trump, for bringing our troops back home!

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