Trump Tells Beck He’ll Jail Political Opponents

( – Former President Donald Trump has just poured gasoline all over the 2024 election campaign. Recently, he told Glenn Beck that if he gets back into the White House he’ll jail his political opponents. He says he’d have “no choice.”

On August 29, Trump spoke to conservative radio host Glenn Beck about his current legal troubles. In the interview, Beck brought up the 2016 election campaign, during which Trump called for his opponent Hillary Clinton to be jailed, and pointed out that after he took office Trump had backed away from that and said “We don’t do that in America.” He asked the former president if he regretted not having Clinton jailed, and added, “If you’re president again, will you lock people up?” Trump’s answer was astonishing.

Trump, who’s now facing trial in four separate cases on a total of 91 charges, told Beck, “The answer is you have no choice because they’re doing it to us.” He went on to hold Biden personally responsible for the indictments against him, saying the president had “put his top person” in as Manhattan district attorney and claiming the sexual abuse case brought against him by author E Jean Carrol was “paid for by the Democratic Party.”

It seems clear that Biden is trying to use the legal system to knock Trump — who’s currently ahead of him in the polls — out of the 2024 presidential race, but publicly saying he’ll jail political opponents could be a dangerous gamble. Although Trump linked his threat to the legal persecution being directed at him, many potential voters could be alarmed by words the Democrats will be quick to label as a step towards dictatorship. With the challenges facing Trump, it’s not surprising he’s being pushed into taking a defiant stance, but this one could easily backfire on him.

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