Trump Takes Back Healthcare From Dems

Trump Takes Back Healthcare From Dems

This snippet from a Trump rally in Florida at a retirement community sums up the true healthcare crisis in America.

Medicare is under threat like never before. I will never allow these politicians to steal your health care and give it away to illegal aliens.

-President Donald Trump

Democrats already siphon massive amounts of government money to fund social safety net programs for illegal aliens. Now, “Medicare for all” is a sort of purity test among the DNC candidates in a fight to become more electable. Whichever Dem wins will use this seizure of power to further destroy the healthcare system for millions of Americans to secure their beloved undocumented immigrant voting block.

Trump is having none of their nonsense — enter his plan for improving the existing Medicare program. And notable Republicans are getting on the bandwagon.


Trump truly is a man of the people (unlike the Dems); he proves it every day with his words and actions.

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