Trump Tackles Biden Head On

Trump Tackles Biden Head On

( – On Tuesday, President Donald Trump held a news conference in the White House Rose Garden. He announced sanctions against China over their treatment of Hong Kong. During his speech, the commander-in-chief took his gloves off and went after presumed Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

Trump said Biden and former President Barack Obama allowed China “pillage our factories and plunder our communities.” Further, the former vice president is complaining about the country’s crumbling infrastructure. The president wanted to know why it wasn’t fixed during the previous administration.

President Trump reminded the American people of Biden’s past remarks on China and said his entire career was a “gift to the Chinese Communist Party.”

Trump also said the radical Left has taken control of Biden, who used to be a relatively moderate lawmaker. The president pointed out he and the former vice president are so different and he’s right.

In November, it’ll be up to America to decide who they want to elect. President Trump and his tough-on-China platform or Biden’s softer approach. What will you choose?

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