Trump Surge Kills Biden Landslide Hopes

Trump Surge Kills Biden Landslide Hopes

( – Yesterday’s presidential election is still up in the air, but one thing became clear early in the count – Joe Biden’s hopes of a landslide victory were dead. While it’s still possible for the former vice president to still take the White House, any victory is going to be a narrow one. Yes, yet again the polls got it wrong — badly.

When America turned out to vote, polls were giving Biden a lead of around 8% nationally. As results started to come in, though, that turned out to be a mirage. As soon as votes from Florida and the South were tallied, it became clear that the president had performed much more strongly than expected. By 3 am Eastern, Biden’s lead in the popular vote was barely over 1%, and the outcome was hanging on five states where the president was currently in the lead – Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina and Wisconsin. Between them, these states represent 77 Electoral College votes, and if Trump takes Pennsylvania and any three of the others, he’s won.

Even the MSM has abandoned hopes of a decisive Biden win. Just after midnight, CNN’s Jake Tapper said the idea of a Dem landslide was “always a pipe dream” – even though he’s been predicting one for weeks.


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